Saturday, October 19, 2013


Hello, and thanks for stopping by. I have been making and enjoying crafts for a long time. My house became so over run with items I had stitched with yarn and plastic canvas that I had to figure out something to do with all of it. First I started putting Jesus book marks and pocket crosses in Christmas cards for members of my church and in the goodie bags I made for all the children in our children's department. It wasn't long before I discovered Etsy, which is an on line website to buy and sell, homemade, handmade crafts and supplies, and vintage items. You can visit my Etsy shop by clicking on the link:My Etsy shop. Her are some of the items I make, sell, and sometimes design.     
 Jesus bookmark. any color $1.00
   Hello Kitty tissue box cover $7.00
   Memo tablet $2.50 any color, ant letter, most any design, Monogrammed hanging medallion $1.00
  Pocket Cross $1.00
  Breast cancer Awareness tissue box cover $7.00
  Animal prints coasters $7.00

 Cow & calf basket set $7.00

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