Friday, September 20, 2013


Hello and welcome to my blog. My wonderful husband, I meant to say Santa Claus, got me a Nook for Christmas and I love it!!! At first I only had crossword puzzles loaded and spent long hours into the night doing the puzzles. Now there are books, Pinterest, Craftgawker, and all kinds of stuff loaded on there. It's a nifty handy lil thing to carry to the many doctor appointments we as mothers go to with all the kiddos, critters, ourselves and the husband.  But it makes me leery to carry it all bare with no protection from scratches and shattering the screen. I know I know there are plenty of store bought covers out there on the market but I truly love, love, love, to make stuff handmade and homemade.  I have a neoprene bag that came with my laptop that works even though it is twice as big. So, I surfed the net, hit my favorite craft sites and stumbled on crochet an ipad sleeve in self striping yarn at Although the pattern was for an ipad sleeve, I adjusted it to fit my Nook. So here goes!!!
Supply list
crochet hook
Yarn needle                                                                                                                   
1. Make a slip knot. I am using 2 strands of yarn
but you can use 1 strand if you prefer. 

 2. Make a chain of single crochets as wide as your Nook.

3. Now, if you look at your chain 1 side has a "v" stitch. Turn it over and you will see a hump in the middle. Skip the 1st hump, and single crochet in all the humps till you get to the end.
4. Now this might sound scary, but I promise it is super simple, easy peasy. Don't turn your work, you will keep going around it. Your 1st single crochet will be in the back loop of your 1st single crochet in your beginning chain. See it!!!! My pink needle is pointing to it.
 This is a picture of my supplies. It should be at the top but
I guess its too much to ask for my 1st craft blog to be perfect.
 5. Keep going around and around doing single crochet in the back "v" loop. Stitching like this will make it to start rounding up like a big hug for your lil Nook.
6. Once you get it rounding up, (starting on a "side" not the front or back middle of sleeve),  you can start doing single stitches in both loops. The stitch pattern will still look the same, you just don't need it to keep rounding.  

7. Every so often I would put my Nook in the sleeve and get so excited how it looks!!!

8. Next,  its time to make a loop when your sleeve is as tall as you want it. This is super simple, easy peasy also. Count your stitches across the front, and do single crochets to middle, then make a loop by crocheting 15 single crochets. Skip a stitch and start single crochets around the sleeve. Do another round of single crochet in all the stitches in the loop also.

 9. All done!! Well, with that part. You can use a button or a crocheted flower to loop your loop around. I crocheted a chain of 4 single crochets, Join to the 1st stich with a slip stitch. Continue to stitch single crochets in the next stitches around and around until your flower is big enough to hold your sleeve closed.

10. Insert Nook, and now you are done!!

Was that super simple and easy peasy as I promised???
I hope you enjoy your NIFTY NOOK CROCHET SLEEVE

Please e-mail or comment any suggestions.

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